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QRB-2 Automatic liquid soft packaging machine
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QRB-2 Automatic liquid soft packaging machine

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QRB-2 Automatic liquid soft packaging machine details

QRB-2 automatic liquid soft packaging machine product introduction

1. The scope of application

QRB-2 automatic liquid flexible packaging machine (hereinafter referred to as flexible packaging machine) is a special equipment for automatic and clean packaging of pasteurized liquid. Widely used in milk, soy milk, juice, beverages, mineral water, soy sauce, edible vinegar and soft packaging of liquid cosmetics, fertilizers and pesticides. The sealing form of the flexible packaging machine is a side seal.


2. The type, structure and basic parameters

1. Type: The flexible packaging machine in the process of liquid packaging, including film unwinding, automatic sterilization, film bag forming, quantitative filling, automatic counting, printing date, sealing cutting and automatic feeding, etc., is automatically independent in one revolution of the spindle carry out.

2. Structure: The flexible packaging machine is mainly composed of the body skeleton, main transmission mechanism, film support, film bag sterilization, quantitative filling and rinsing, printing date, film bag forming, film bag sealing, cutting and electrical control.


3. The basic parameters

3.1 Packaging material: heat sealable plastic film roll: thickness is 0.06-0.12mm;

The width is 320mm ± 1.5mm, 240mm ± 1.5mm.

3.2 Packaging capacity of flexible packaging machine: 100-500 ml / bag (adjustable);

3.3 The sealing form of the flexible packaging machine: side seal;

3.4 Packaging accuracy of flexible packaging machine: ±1.5%;

3.5 Packaging speed (capacity) of flexible packaging machine: 250 ml -2500 bags / hour;

3.6 Basic parameters of the equipment of the flexible packaging machine:

a rated voltage: 380V;

b rated frequency: 50Hz;

c machine power: 1.5KW;

d Machine weight: 550KG

e Dimensions: 1040 × 770 × 2140

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