What is the working principle of the vertical packaging machine?


The working principle of the vertical packaging machine […]

The working principle of the vertical packaging machine is: the roll film placed on the supporting device, the guide roller set, the tensioning device, the photoelectric detection control device detects the position of the trademark pattern on the packaging material, and the film is rolled into the film by the former The cylinder is wrapped around the surface of the filling tube.
First, a longitudinal heat sealer is used to longitudinally heat seal the film at the interface that is rolled into a cylinder to obtain a sealed tube, and then the cylindrical film is moved to the transverse heat sealer for horizontal sealing to form a packaging bag tube.
The metering device fills the measured items into the packaging bag through the upper filling tube, and then is heat-sealed by the transverse heat sealer and cut in the center to form the packaging bag unit body and at the same time form the bottom seal of the next tube bag.
The vertical packaging machine is a machine that makes a roll of flexible packaging material into a bag tube, fills it with the material, and seals it. The three functions are automatically and continuously completed.
In conjunction with the metering and filling machinery on the upper road, the vertical packaging machine is often used for packaging block, flake, granular, stalk, powder, fluid and semi-fluid materials.

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