What are the precautions for the use of the packaging machine?


1. Keep away from sharp objects before and after packag […]

1. Keep away from sharp objects before and after packaging to avoid scratches and air leakage. The vacuum packaging operation is carried out on a clean surface. If there are hard objects such as buttons and zippers in the stored items, please fold them inside and put them in the collection bag. When storing in a cabinet or other local area, also pay attention to whether there are sharp objects in the storage address to ensure that the packaging bag is intact.
2. Pay attention to the size of the contents and the packaging bag. After the contents are placed in the bag, they should be as little as 3-5 cm away from the seal. Large items should not be forced into it. If required, make a large packaging bag from scratch.
3. Make sure to clean the seal. If fiber or dust enters, the sealing function will be reduced. If dirt is found, it needs to be cleaned before use. Also pay attention to cleanliness in normal storage.
4. After packaging, you need to check the seal of the vacuum packaging bag again to ensure the seal. This process is very important to ensure the safety of the product in the later stage.

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