What are the advantages of the pouch packaging machine?


With the continuous development of technology, small ba […]

With the continuous development of technology, small bag packaging machines are often used in our lives. What are the advantages of small bag packaging machines?

1. Structural design standardization and modularization

When packaging a different material with a packaging machine, the original organic type modular design can quickly change specifications or convert to other packaging forms in a short time, and provide for different metering systems. enough space. The triangular bag can be packaged with a slight change using a pillow-type packaging machine.

2, the packaging speed is high

At present, the packaging speed of foreign small bag packaging machines is generally 30-150 bags / min. In recent years, many companies have introduced multi-row packaging machines (from 2 to 10 columns) to greatly increase the packaging speed. Ruyi ILA-PAK's 300 and 400 series pillow-type packaging machines, measuring range 150-450G, packaging speed 120 bags / min; Japan Yokohama Electric Manufacturing Co., Ltd. YDE-70 four-side sealing packaging machine, measuring range: 0.5- 30ml, can accommodate 2-10 columns, the maximum speed is 800 bags / min; Japan Sanguang Machinery FC-1000 small bag pillow packaging machine, up to 12 columns, speed up to 1000 bags / min.

3. High precision structure movement

Due to the use of various new technologies, such as servo motor, encoder and digital control (NC), power load control PLC and other high-precision execution machinery to control various actions, the filling measurement accuracy and bag making precision of the whole machine are available. improve.

4, control intelligence, flexibility

Most foreign machinery track and adjust various parameters of the machine through intelligent control instruments and menu-based software on the touch screen. The electronic display shows the length of the cut bag, the packaging speed, the net content of the filling and the packaging output. The standard color-coded tracking optoelectronic system guarantees the correct print pattern of the packaged product. In addition, the machine can perform on-line condition monitoring and fault diagnosis analysis of the working process. When a problem occurs, it will automatically stop and display the cause of the fault and the solution.

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