The Food Packaging Machine - Is Is Better Than Hand Packed?


So there you are, staring into the frozen foods refrige […]

So there you are, staring into the frozen foods refrigeration unit at your local grocery store, trying to decide on which container of ice cream to bring home and eat. Both are chocolate mint chip, which happens to be your favorite flavor. However; one of them has "Hand Packed", printed in bold letters on the package. Whats the deal? Does this make for a better product? Also, if it does, does it get even better when you scoop it out with your own hand at your own home?
Results of a Recent Study are Now in
After a recent scientific clinical study by a select industry research panel made up of packaging industry industrial scientists, research engineers, randomly selected consumers, packaging product development specialists and numerous other types of visionaries, it was determined that hand packing a food product has virtually no effect on its flavor.
Machines Over People Every Time
Possibly the most glaring positive benefit of the modern food packaging machine is that it eliminates the "human" factor. Anyone who has worked with people, knows that anything that they can screw up will be in time. Also, humans tend to be lazy. Lastly, a disgruntled worker can wreak havoc on your business by adulterating the food product that they are packaging.
Fire Them All and Buy a Food Packaging Machine
So all in all, when all facts are taken into consideration, it can be safely said that packaging food with a food packaging machine is a far better way to go then using unreliable, lazy and mentally disturbed humans. Also, as it turns out the public actually prefers to eat food that has not been handled by someone who has just finished scratching their rear end.

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