Small food machinery equipment


China's food machinery manufacturing industry on the ri […]

China's food machinery manufacturing industry on the rise in recent years, food safety increasingly severe, equipment replacement has become a big trend, and as such, these industries will keep growing in the future for a long period of time. Let lasting Plaza Festival City hotel supplies you with a brief introduction of small food machinery equipment, hope can help to you!
First, how small food machinery equipment market trend like
The development of small food machinery equipment in China long way to go, is vast, main reason is our people's food consumption mostly unprocessed food from agriculture each year due to lack of necessary food processing machinery so that resources can not be directly processed food, storage, preservation and loss caused up to several billion dollars, higher waste of resources comprehensive utilization of deep processing of loss that can not caused, so our food machinery market has broad prospects, promising.

Second, how to care and maintenance of small food machinery equipment
1, the healthy development of small-scale food machinery manufacturers, is inseparable from the injection of fresh blood, we need to move outside the introduction of technical personnel, so bring new management ideas and repair methods, thus improving the overall level of device management.

2, on-site management of small-scale food cleaning machinery and equipment, can make use of 5S-TPM tool, good finishing equipment, straighten, sweep, clean work, attention to preventive maintenance of equipment, the establishment of the system of preventive maintenance programs, full participation Equipment maintenance and repair work.

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