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Many different industries are using packaging machinery […]

Many different industries are using packaging machinery. Food and beverage, pharmaceutical, household goods, automotive products and almost all imaginable industry will use the filling machine, capping machine, power transmission belts and other equipment. In all of these industries, almost all of these packers will consider the shelf life of their products. But their packaging machinery "shelf life" so what? Each packer should ask a question: "I'm packing machinery can be used how long?", But as machinery manufacturers rarely encountered.
Answer this question it is not as simple as it first seems. There are many different factors that can lead to a decline packaging machinery. However, the majority of manufacturing packaging machines are designed to be upgraded, although some wearing parts may need to be replaced from time to time, but some people may say that this packaging machine itself can be used for a thousand years!
To better understand the above paragraphs, let us liquid filler, for example. A start-up company may be distributed in the area, and start using semi-automatic overflow filling machine has four filling heads to package their products. After receiving praise for its new products, the demand for this product could double in a year. However, without having to buy a new filling machine, but can be upgraded by adding four filling up the current device. Production needs can be met again!

In another year, growth in demand is even greater, the company may decide to completely automate the packaging process. Likewise, semi-automatic filling machine can be upgraded by adding a PLC and indexing means for automatic production process. Once you have added, filling machine can be rolled directly into a new power delivery system without manual assistance prior to start filling the bottles. In other words, with the development of the filling machine or other packaging equipment with the company.

However, the above example is somewhat simplified. Unfortunately, there are many factors that could lead to a decline packaging machinery, some of which simply beyond the control of packers. Within the scope of the packaging machine control, but one area often overlooked is the simple cleaning and maintenance of the packaging machine. For example, the filler may from time to time to replace the O-ring, seals the nozzle or pipe. The life of wearing parts may be limited, but if it needs to be replaced, if necessary, from the long term performance of the machine itself does not contribute to the decline. Similarly, the packaging machinery from dust and debris can help avoid long-term adverse effects on packaging machinery. Occasional cleaning system not only damage the conveyor belt, can also cause damage, but for the sprocket drive, the framework itself even if the dirt and debris are ignored and allowed to accumulate in different positions on the conveyor. Finally, routine maintenance and cleaning can greatly extend the shelf life of packaging machinery.

Of course, even in automatic packaging machinery, but also from time to time require manual intervention, and set the switch to the cleaning and maintenance. Human error (also known as accident) sometimes beyond the control of the Packers. However, people in contact with the packaging machinery to implement and maintain a specific program will help packagers accident some control. Packaging lines ensure the operator to understand how to interact with the machine and the machine will also help extend the life of the equipment.
Similarly, fires, floods and natural disasters are beyond the control of the packaging. But again, at the end of the production date of the adoption of the program off the device at least reduce the chance of such incidents, at least these events may be caused by the device itself, such as an electrical fire. Be sure to rinse and then rinse packaging equipment. Although no packers can fully protect against the effects of such damage or unforeseen events, but again limit this potential.

Finally, although rare, packaging machinery or technological progress itself may result in packaging equipment obsolete. Certain components of the packaging system may simply be replaced with better technology. In most cases, alternative techniques can be used to upgrade the machine. However, in rare cases, the packaging machine may become very old and out of date, so that the only effective and productive option is to purchase replacement equipment.

Similarly, the packaging itself may change, and the need to use a different set of packaging machines to automate the process. For example, plastic bottles have been criticized for many years. As a result, many companies are looking for alternative packaging, such as sachets. Not all packaging equipment can handle pouches and bottles, in which case, you may need to use the new packaging equipment.

So packaging equipment can be used for how long? The fact is, even if there are unknown factors described above, the purchase of packaging equipment should also be a long-term commitment, which will have the capacity packaging equipment with the development of the company. Proper care and maintenance can make packaging equipment continued use of a whole life, or maintain multiple lives. Expected growth and plans for the future can also extend the life of the equipment. While we can not avoid the unknown, but we can make plans for the future, and equipped with machines for their own prosperity.

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