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Modern convenience food packaging, smart, powerful, and are designed not only to keep the content fresh for a long time, but also to prevent food contamination. Despite the fact that the food industry is now one of the most stringent regulation of the industry, and can be expected, this is the safest in the industry, but the media still have many examples chance every year, and more dangerous option is to deliberately contaminate packaged food. From mild irritation to life-threatening allergic reactions, consequences for consumers could be anything, especially in the case of child ingested the substance.
Packaging suppliers have been trying to improve the function of food packaging products, in order to eliminate these pollution problems. Every time found any packaging products contain foreign matter, which is closely related to the company's reputation with it. After this survey were found to be very expensive, time consuming, and often to no avail.
Typically, in the manufacture of food products, has entered the offending items in the chain of the food itself, and by automating the process be packaged in a package, it is the responsibility of food manufacturers rather than packaging suppliers. However, all avenues must be investigated, and the packaging manufacturing process of careful examination, inspection equipment and quality verification process to ensure that the possibility of contaminants entering the chain through the packaging does not exist.
In addition to the routine inspection carried out in most batch manufacturing process, but also to carry out additional checks, packaging suppliers must also ensure that printed on the outside packaging of sufficient disclosure of information to alert any potential health threat to consumers. The most common of these disclosures is likely to cause an allergic reaction in some people's food.
The reason the medical industry is not yet clear, but the extent and severity of allergies increases every year, and compared to any time in medical history, and now people take more and more drugs prevention. Some allergens are repeat offenders, while others pop up from time to time. Peanuts, tree nuts, shellfish, finfish, milk, eggs, sesame, soy and wheat are the most common, and is specifically mentioned in the "Codex Alimentarius" and related sites.
If there is likely trace contaminant (e.g., peanuts) in contact with the food packaging, even if the previously adopted for producing packaging food products based on peanut machine, must now display a warning. . When in doubt packaged degree of risk faced by food, it is important that the consumer should contact the food packaging suppliers.
Hard to imagine that anyone would deliberately tampered with unknown hazards in food packaging to consumers, but have done


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