Market advantage of automatic packaging machine


China's automatic packaging machine technology is an ur […]

China's automatic packaging machine technology is an urgent task for the domestic packaging industry. However, in recent years, due to preferential policies and the efforts of packaging companies, the Chinese packaging industry has made significant progress. According to industry analysts, automation technology now accounts for 50% of the company's packaging line. The wide range of applications in computer design and electromechanical control can increase equipment productivity, flexibility and flexibility, and increase the number of robots to perform complex packaging actions. Since each robot is controlled by a separate computer, the camera monitors the packaging action and feeds the information back to the computer to adjust the range of motion, thus ensuring the quality of the package.

At present, China's fully automated packaging machine mainly involves two automation technologies: fieldbus technology and sensor technology. Fieldbus technology can “liberate” most of the traditional packaging links, simplifying and simplifying, with obvious convenience and flexibility, and can retrieve and analyze operational data through the system, understand the actual and immediate situation of production, and monitor the workshop. The operation situation facilitates the unmanned operation of the entire production line and the seamless connection of transmission and inspection processes; sensor technology is widely used in the packaging machinery industry such as food and medicine, such as monitoring and filling of food and beverage storage tanks. Sensors are used in packaging, mixing and processing, cooling and heating, cleaning, packaging and other processes.

In the pharmaceutical industry, pharmaceutical packaging is a vital part of the production of pharmaceuticals. The quality of packaging is related to the safety of pharmaceuticals. Therefore, only high-quality, highly automated packaging equipment can ensure the safe flow of medicines into the market and benefit patients.

As the core element of packaging equipment, packaging equipment enterprises must strictly control. While learning from foreign advanced packaging technology, they also need to upgrade innovative technologies, combined with the actual situation of packaging in China's food and pharmaceutical industry, combined with the aesthetics of domestic consumers. Demand, research and development of a new fully automated packaging machine to help China's packaging industry better and faster development.

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