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Manufacturers specialized in food packaging hot melt eq […]

Manufacturers specialized in food packaging hot melt equipment is often used in production. In the past decade, technology has revolutionized melt, become one of the most effective food packaging method.
Food packaging hot melt equipment is the most popular type, hot melt labeling machine. These machines use the automatic pivoting function to paste the precut plastic hot glue label, the label can be completely wrapped with glass, metal and plastic containers.
Labeling machine most commonly used for cans and bottles. In fact, almost all of the cans (99%) are labeled with hot melt adhesive labels. Cans without labels no aesthetic appeal. For marketing, the surface of the jar labeled with a complete package label. When full production, labeling machine labeling machine can label the cans at a speed of 1400 cans per minute. For rapid production, manufacturers use a labeling machine called a rotary labeling machine.
In the past few years, we started using a new label. A new low-temperature molten plastic has been put on the market, saving energy costs. The new low-temperature coating machine has a fast replacement parts, making it easier for workers to replace parts without wasting too much.
How do these glue labeling machine work?
To hot melt labeling machine, the label is first loaded into the package labeling machine magazine box. Then, as the rotation of cans or bottles in a labeling machine, glue is applied to a small tag is attached to a specific region of the container. When the can or bottle with glue into contact with the label, the label will be attached to the glue and wound around the container. At the end of the label, the other strip glued to the edge of the label. The second adhesive region and a second region overlaps a paste, and is formed completely wrapped around the container.
If these machines designated as a "neck ring machine", then in the case of labeled bottle and vial, all of which you need to replace parts. The bottle was attached to the machine, so as to support the neck (instead of the base), there is no need to swap out other accessories.
In the food packaging industry, speed and efficiency is the key. Manufacturer selected device will be a minimum of wasted time and materials to maximize yields. Looking can be applied to various sizes and types of packaging machinery and technology, can greatly reduce production costs.

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